How The World Is Changing But We Are Not

It’s not a new thing to talk about. Everyday we can witness new innovations on different platforms and now it’s not even surprising anyone anymore. If a youth tells you that they don’t know much about internet or AI then surely he is mocked by others. But what I observe is that even after being so innovative, our engineering colleges never teach us about these things. Being an engineering student, I never felt that my teacher ever wanted the students to learn something out of the syllabus. Being in Electrical branch, I was never told about Grids in detail. When I tried to start surfing about these things, I got that there are many innovations in this field which no one talks about.

Building a prototype for any model is way more simple than studying about operating system or making a note of 100 pages about Electromagnetic Field. So, I can conclude that exploring about new things can make us more independent rather than turning pages of a book for searching a derivation.

My Preferences for Books

Being a student, I am usually surrounded by textbooks but that’s not which I prefer reading everyday. I have seen people mostly reading novels of different genre but for me novel reading was not a good option as they make me feel bore. So, I usually prefer reading books which gives me more knowledge about life skills or science and technology. More or less, they keep me engaged during my free time and I get to learn many things from it too. Even sometimes my friends ask me about this strange choice but I don’t have any answer yet because I just don’t want to read anything, I try to find the intent behind it.

Life of a Engineering Student

So in 2018, I took admission in a private engineering college. It was one of the best private college and I had a lot of dreams when I took the admission. My first thought was to get a handsome package after four years of engineering but after 6 months that figure came down. But what I have seen in these years is that very few people know from the beginning that what they need to do in these four years and where they want themselves. Others, after a semester or two get their own path. But still there are few students who never decided what they exactly want or have any backup plans. For me, this was a stage where, I tried many things which include joining a team where I learned a lot about my core and team-work, worked on many projects because at that time my main aim was to improve my resume. But in an engineering college you will find people with all talents and you will never run out of entertainment during fests. I will continue this on another blog as it is an endless topic……..

Tanmay Padhi…..

A Pen

The pen, the symbol for power itself. The pen has ended wars the sword has started. The pen is a symbol of triumph and prestige its used to write and sign off on your very identity as a person. The pen represents character and class to an extent unmatched by any other. Sure you could buy a fancy car, watch or any other item that provides temporary happiness but a pen, a pen is where true class resides. Why not invest a little in your own? A symbol of your character and achievements.


I am a kind of guy who expresses his feelings, emotions, gratitude through words because for me it is my most powerful weapon. There are few things which I want to tell people around the globe and I am making this a path towards that. My identity today is not known by much of my readers but surely tomorrow you will know about me.

Tanmay Padhi

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